Founder and head

Radek founded Idealab and he leads the team with passion. 

Before founding the marketing agency Idealab, he worked for seven years as an editor and editor-in-chief in architectural and lifestyle media. He has been involved in PR and communication since 2003.

Later, he used his media experience as a freelancer in managing marketing and PR campaigns. In 2009, he founded Idealab. Although he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, his primary field is architecture and design. Ask him how to create a successful magazine or build your new brand. He will ask a lot of things and then he will start working with other great colleagues in Idealab. He lectures marketing and communication skills for designers, and he is also the author of several books.

In Idealab his great team create:
Petra Ducháčková
Lan Duongová
Tereza Kubíčková
Tereza Škoulová
Helena Součková
Tadeáš Fořt
Renata Štípková
Václav Pospíšil
Filip Kopecký


Radek graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, majoring in Aesthetics and Theory of Culture (1999). He completed his doctoral studies at the Department of Theory of Culture in 2004.

Since 1999, he has been regularly publishing in Czech and foreign professional journals, lecturing and leading independent professional courses in the field of marketing and public relations. He specializes in the design, architecture, and the real estate market. In the years 2004-2006, he was a teacher at the University of Economics in Prague (Practical Journalism I and II course).

Radek worked as a consultant for media companies (Albatros Media, H.O.M.E., Stratosphere, ABF…). In the years 2005-2019 he worked on dozens of PR and communication campaigns, especially in the field of architecture, design, and the real estate market, both for Czech and multinational companies (Autodesk, Barrisol, Botanicus, Herman Miller, Techo…).
He has prepared several dozens of publications, is the author of books: Internet for Architects (Grada 2003), European Design (MD Publishing, 2009), Radan Hubička: Práce 2005-2012 (2012), and co-author of the books Domy 77 (Prostor 2008), Nuselský most (IC ČKAIT, 2014).



since 2004 PR consultant, copywriter, editor
2009 – present Idealab, consulting and PR agency specializing in design and architecture (, owner
2003–2015 Atrium magazine / editor
2005–2016 Development News magazine ( / editor
2004–2005 Dolce Vita magazine ( / editor
2002–2004 magazine Fórum architektury ( / editor-in-chief
2001–2002 magazine Stavební fórum ( / editor-in-chief
1999–2001 magazine Architekt / editor


od 2009 / desítky firemních časopisů pro klienty firmy Idealab
2006-2009 / design portál / šéfredaktor
od 2005 / časopis Atrium / externí redaktor
2004-2008 / Development News / externí redaktor
od 2008 / Realit / externí redaktor
2005-2006 / spolupráce s Ogilvy CID / copywriting pro real estate klienty
2008-2010 / kompletní PR a mediální servis pro firmu Barrisol (
od 2007 / komunikační agentura pro Autodesk (


Selected titles (approx. 800 articles on design, architecture, real estate market)
Art & Antiques, Atrium, Beverage & Gastro, Dolce Vita, E15, Development News, Interior-Exterior, Design-IN, Modern apartment, O2 magazine, Real estate, Construction, Tvujdum, Volkswagen Magazine

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