PR article: how to do it

Writing an interesting, readable, and professional article requires practice, language talent, and perfect grammar. We can prepare an individual article or an entire series or publication. We specialize in architecture, design, the real estate market, and lifestyle.
But we have been preparing articles for mechanical engineering, metalworking, financial products, biocosmetics.… As former editors of print and online media, we know exactly where and how to prepare PR articles.

Use in industries

Today, you can use PR articles in practically all fields, from lifestyle to very professional B2B segments. Thanks to our professional past, we are specialists in the fields of real estate, architecture, engineering, design, and lifestyle. But we also write magazines and PR articles about organic cosmetics, new technologies, or kitchens. We process and prepare hundreds of PR articles a month in Idealab.

Whom to contact

We are ready to process PR articles for you. We study the issue ourselves, interview our experts: technicians, salespeople, specialists, and we prepare grammatically and content-wise correct PR articles, series, or even interviews. You can write directly to Radek Váňa.

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