Through keyword analysis, we look for phrases related to your site and find out what are people looking for in your industry. Then we determine the search rate, relevance, competition, and importance of the obtained phrases, as well as whether there is a suitable landing page for all phrases. It is also used to determine the seasonality and variability of a particular search phrase.

A keyword analysis is suitable for any large company that wants to optimize web content for search engines. It is advisable to perform this analysis at least once a year, due to the changing trends of users.

What is keyword analysis?

When we stick to searching for keywords such as "office chair" or "realization of office interiors" in the online world, we have to focus on the search phrases that people search for on the Internet.

These are keywords that have a real monthly reach, are not very general (such as chairs), and are not misleading. In general, most visitors (and therefore potential customers) go from organic traffic to the website. It is therefore clear that well-chosen keywords are important and the key to preparing content on the web. Search engines will only bring new visitors to your site if you properly optimize specific pages for those keywords.

What is a keyword

An example of the keyword? Eg. an "office chair". A keyword can also be a multiword phrase, but it generally refers to the phrase people are looking for. For example, the "green carpet with blue edges" will probably not be sought by anyone, but the "office chair" connection is searched by thousands of people every day. Therefore, it is important to optimize the website for a suitable keyword, which also captures the essence of the content on the website. In the case of our website, which you are currently reading, it will be "marketing agency" or "marketing agency Prague".

What is keyword analysis for?

We process the keyword analysis at the beginning of site content optimization. This will help you find the right phrases related to your industry or brand.

Keyword analysis provides clear information about what keywords are searched for in your industry and how much competition they have. When preparing a keyword analysis, we evaluate various parameters. The basic ones include:

  • Search rate for individual words (phrases)

  • the degree of competition of the search words

  • the average position of the word/phrase on Google

  • the average position of the word/phrase on the Seznam

  • the average cost of a paid ad for a given keyword



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