What is content strategy? This exact question comes from most of our new clients. Very often, content and its applications in offline and online marketing are considered to be the least important. In Idealab, we take a different, more complex path that has measurable results.

Content marketing is a very important part of all marketing mixes. What do you imagine under it? Before discussing content strategy with us, try asking yourself these questions internally (and of course trying to find answers):

  • What is our goal?
  • To whom and what do we want to say?
  • What channels will we use to distribute our content?
  • Text or visual? Or is it a combination of both?
  • Who is the consumer of our content? Are we heading to the B2B or B2C segment?

How is the content strategy composed?

It is similar to a novel: you need main and supporting characters, an interesting storyline, a plot, and then finally, the readers that will be thrilled to read your story.

When we create content, we first define customers at all stages of the purchase process (in detail, we address the issue of lead generation, which is one of the important components of the content strategy). Then we carefully describe and measure what type of content and what topics customers are interested in each phase of the purchase.

Typically, the content you can share in the B2B area can be “Guides and Tips”. Or “Tips and tricks”. Share your know-how to build and establish trust.

Other content formats

After many years of work on content marketing, we know that interviews are a popular format.
What else to keep in mind when planning a content strategy? Precise metadata to the article (SEO title and caption) and backlinks. And, of course, we must not forget the keywords that appear in the article.

Idealab's content strategy will include recommendations on what to do, how to do it, and what channels to use. If you want, we will also provide you with Keyword Analysis, SEO Analysis and, of course, we will take care of the content on an ongoing basis.

The basic content analysis will cost from CZK 20,000, if combined with keyword analysis, the price will range from CZK 45,000. Basic content management can include a PR article, corporate blog management, or a corporate magazine.

Individual consultations on the content strategy

Not sure what you need? Ask us! We will arrange a free consultation.

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