The company profile will probably be the first material your client receives when meeting your company. It should be understandable, appropriate to your industry, and attractive enough to attract the attention of a potential customer.

The creation of this material is not just a matter of a few pages of text, but it is a complex work involving a copywriter, graphic designer, marketing specialist, and usually also the sales and sales department that will use this material. If you need a profile in a foreign language, then a translator and a native speaker for the final proofreading also enter the creation process.

Where to use the company profile

Every company is different, and it is not possible to describe in one sentence or one paragraph what is the perfect company profile should look like. If you decide to entrust the creation of a company profile to us at Idealab (see the team that would work on your assignment), it will take around a month (it can be a simple profile in the range of two A4 pages up to the profile brochure) and it will cost you from CZK 15,000. This includes concepts, texts, graphics. In the case of more complex assignments and the need for translations (or language versions), the price for our work will range from CZK 25,000 upwards.

Whom to contact

We have prepared many company profiles and we will be happy to help you with this assignment. You can write directly to Radek Váňa.

contact us

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