We have many years of experience in creating custom marketing for multiple companies. We specialize in B2B marketing, a specific form of marketing that works to reach companies, not end-users of a product or service.

B2B marketing

When creating a marketing plan, it is necessary to approach marketing differently than in B2C marketing. In B2B communication, it is necessary to focus more on the added value of the offered product or service. This can be a reduction in costs (development, production, distribution ...), increased turnover, etc. Even in B2B, emotions play a role, but the main criterion should be arguments in deciding what the marketed entity will bring to the customer.

To set up a marketing plan, you need to choose the right strategy. Specify the companies that might be interested in your products or services. Due to the given field, we need to reconsider the channels of marketing communication. Just because you use Facebook at home does not mean it is the perfect medium to communicate the benefits of your company's products.

Use the services of experienced Idealab professionals, a proven and quality company that specializes in marketing. We will prepare you the entire marketing strategy, but also all texts and presentations.

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