Creating engaging and readable content on a corporate blog requires editorial experience, practice, and knowledge of visitor behavior. We will prepare our publishing plan, determine the frequency of publishing the content and its further use on social networks.

What to write on a company blog

Through the corporate blog, you can communicate informal topics such as events in your company, human resources, and employee care news, or technology news. The frequency of articles can vary. It always depends on the specific situation and field in which the company blog is to operate.

For whom to write a corporate blog

The blog is going to be read not only by our customers but also by your business partners or employees. The form and tone of the language you speak to readers on the company blog also derive from this.

What is the procedure?

To put it simply: together we will work out a strategy and a timetable, to whom and what we want to communicate… We prepare everything (you approve), write, add photos or videos. And you will read an interesting article on your company blog every week. And if you want, it will be signed by you.

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