Updating the website in terms of content and technology is often a time-consuming task.

Your website should always be protected and up-to-date technically but also content-wise. The administration of the website deserves attention and at least a few hours a month. It is not just a question of updating the News section, but things that are "behind the curtain".

Usually, it goes to update the content management system, checking if the site is not infected, download plugins, and easy traffic analysis.

Why not underestimate the management of a corporate website

We often hear - especially in smaller or family businesses - that they do not need an updated website, because their B2B marketing is based on personal contacts, proven suppliers, and functioning contracts. Yes, that works until the site crashes, it will start to send spam or be accidentally opened by your new, potential partner, who will see a two-year-old "news" about how the company is doing. A reputation problem or technical problem usually comes unexpectedly and at the least convenient time.

How to ensure proper site administration

You do not have to invest tens of thousands of crowns in online marketing. You do not have to be our client with a long-term contract.

Ensure peace of mind and the certainty that your website is well taken care of both technically and in terms of content. We provide this service from 4 hours per month. Of course, it depends on the scope of activities, but even an hour a week is enough for your website to be properly configured, have news on the main page and you were constantly in the picture, who goes to it, what it does there and what could be improved.

How Idealab web administration works

Together we will describe exactly what should be done on your website each month. Based on our service contract, we will hand over the administration of the website to the right people from the Idealab team, we will set up security and technology systems so that we can be sure that we have the website under control. And once a month we will send you a detailed report on the activities and traffic of your website.

If you want us to continuously analyze traffic, or take care of SEO, we will be happy to take care of it.

We provide the company website administration service for architects, designers, engineering, or IT companies. Of course, we can handle other fields as well, but in these, we are - especially in terms of content creation - the most competent. Expect a small website administration to be around 8 hours a month, the middle one around 16 hours a month.

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