Videos, animations, or instructional videos are an effective tool, not only on social media but also on the web. We will prepare a script, come up with a storyboard, professional animation, and post-production. We can prepare a professional video about an engineering product or technology, an instructional video, or just a short animation on social networks.

Examples of instructional videos

For developers in the aerospace industry, we have created and implemented a video that describes how the partition for Boeing and Airbus aircraft, called the C-Spacer, works. This is an animated instructional video.

We have prepared a web presentation for the Research and Innovation Center on Advanced Industrial Production in Prague (project of CTU and several other universities).

Sample storyboard

Our proposal for the tender for the European Environmental Agency.

Short videos and animations

If you want to "move" your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, you need short videos, animations, or simple short movies lasting a few seconds or minutes. It does not have to be Podcasts and videos or some complex productions, such as Interviews with Architects.

Watch some short animations and short videos that we prepare for our clients.

For example, a 20-second Facebook video looks at the Construction Market Analysis in times of crisis.

A short video that promoted our ZOOM workshops on social networks.

Short video for Autoport: animation and music.

Video for Autoport: video realization, editing, and music.

Short invitation to the event for architects, autumn 2019, Prague.

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