We are communication specialists for architectural studios and individuals. Our work is a media presentation of architecture.

We offer our PR and media service to architects, interior designers, product designers, as well as suppliers of buildings and interior realizations.

How we proceed

The right presentation of architectural work has its rules and laws. We use our experience in PR for architects: we are former editors-in-chief and editors of professional architectural and development media.

The strategy for presenting a specific studio, architect, or project is usually prepared by Radek Váňa, who has 20 years of experience in the media, is the author of several professional books and hundreds of articles on architecture (you can find Radek's bibliography here).

1. Strategy preparation

We will first discuss what media strategy we will choose. The interior is presented in a different way than the office building or an interview with an architect. We will prepare texts about the house, an interview with the author or the investor. Our texts go in-depth, they are professional, and we always focus on the work itself, the process of its creation, and the authors.

2. Photographs of architecture

We will select and recommend a suitable architecture photographer, we will treat licensing rights and we will ensure the production itself: stylization, retouching, selection of photos ... The final pack of great photos must be flawless.

3. Communication with the media

Celý press kit (tedy fotografie, texty, rozhovory a další materiály) pak odesíláme médiím. Máme vlastní, aktualizovanou databázi tuzemských a zahraničních médií. Konkrétní novináře, které známe osobně, telefonujeme s nimi, píšeme jim. Jsme jejich partneři a dodavatelé obsahu. Sledujeme ediční plány i zaměření jednotlivých časopisů, takže víme, komu jaký obsah nabídnout. Jinak se připravuje článek pro celostátní deník a jinak pro odborný architektonický časopis. Důležití jsou také freelance redaktoři a blogeři, kteří se věnují zvláště interiérovému designu a produktům. Celkem naše databáze obsahuje kolem 1 000 kontaktů: umíme je správně selektovat, sledujeme jejich náklad, čtenost i mediální zásah.

4. Foreign media

In contrast to the Czech media market, the foreign scene is endless: there are thousands of magazines in Europe, Asia, but also Australia, hundreds of websites and catalogs where we can present the work of architects. It always depends on what the PR of an architectural studio, interior designer, or freelancer should look like.
Our cooperation can be very intensive, but we also understand that one well-timed interview in half a year will bear fruit.

5. Architectural databases

There are many websites in the world where architects present themselves. Architizer, Architonic, Divisare, Archilovers, Archello ... We will create your profile and we will take care of the content. Our work begins with creating content and moving towards performance.

6. Media service

As an architect, you do not have time to write texts or to answer calls and questions of journalists. We will provide you with this service: we will be your "press spokespersons": we will prepare answers, write texts, or formulate your opinion on a very generally formulated assignment, such as: "current trends in interior design". We will create the content and you will be quoted in the media.

7. Technology & photos for download

We have our own media server, from where journalists can easily download photos for publication. We are convinced that Czech (and Slovak) architecture belongs on the world stage. That is why we actively popularize it in foreign media.

8. Confidentiality and information

Since 2009, we have been working for dozens of architectural studios, as well as companies operating in the field of architecture and interior design. We handle all information discreetly, preparing each project in the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) mode. Our clients trust us and their trust binds us.

9. References

For twenty years we have been working on the visibility of Czech architecture: we write, take photos, build websites, organize various events ...

  • Schindler Seko Architekti
  • Ateliér Kunc Architects
  • Architektonický ateliér Gabriely Kaprálové (ASGK)
  • No Scale Architekti
  • Architektonický ateliér Radana Hubičky (AARH)
  • Studio Olgoj Chorchoj
  • mimolimit

...and more.

10. Contact us

We are ready to provide appropriate service for your architectural studio.
Contact for this service: Radek Váňa | radek@idealab.cz | phone +420 777 572 476

contact us

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