There are various forms of support for companies and individuals, one of the most effective and attractive of which are the so-called creative vouchers.

What is a creative voucher and what is it for?

A creative voucher is one-time financial support that aims to support the cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises with creative agencies. Linking the corporate and creative sectors helps companies design or promote a product or service, set up a better marketing strategy or create a portfolio for PR communication, etc. The creative voucher is intended exclusively for the purchase of creative services.

Who provides creative vouchers?

The provider of a subsidy for a creative voucher is, for example, the Central Bohemian Innovation Center (SIC), and the lowest amount that can be applied for is CZK 50,000, the highest CZK 300,000 in the case of industrial design projects or CZK 200,000 for other creative services in the fields defined in the Call. The maximum aid intensity is 75% of the total eligible costs.

How can we help you

Together we will prepare a project and submit a grant application. If necessary, we will conduct a preliminary marketing survey to see if and how we have a chance to succeed together. Only when we are sure that our marketing project has a chance to succeed, we will apply. On the other hand, our know-how and experience in project preparation (not only for these forms of business support) can save you a lot of time.

We know:

  • how to prepare a marketing strategy for a service or product
  • how to set expectations, goals and how to measure them
  • how to prepare an input analysis for support providers
  • what other documents (references, visualizations, plans ...) to complete the project

Fields in which we are strongest

We work in a wide range of fields, but we have the greatest experience in architecture, design, and engineering. A specific approach, know-how, and procedures are needed for each of these fields. We describe them in detail, for example, on these separate pages:

Marketing for architecture

Marketing for production and B2B

How to do it

Write or call us and let's meet you.

Contact: Radek Váňa,, phone +420 777 572 476

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