SEO analysis is the overall analysis of a website, especially from the point of view of search engine optimization.

Its main purpose is usually to increase website traffic and performance goals from the organic part of the search. Before we start any online marketing activity, we perform SEO analysis, which will give us data about what we should improve on a given website - even concerning the competition.

SEO analysis of the website should be preceded by keyword analysis.

What will you find out through SEO analysis?

You will find out what is wrong with your site and how to solve the identified issues. When we compile a comprehensive SEO analysis, it contains the following parts:

  • analysis of technical issues of the site
  • analysis of web content issues
  • backlink analysis
  • competition analysis
  • traffic analysis
  • analysis of opportunities

How will SEO analysis help you?

Comprehensive SEO analysis of the website helps to improve the business results and performance of your website. It describes the most important shortcomings of the website in terms of SEO and suggests ways to fix them. It also answers questions about how to increase traffic and conversions (inquiries, orders…).

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