What we do

We design and realize marketing and PR campaigns, as well as design and administer websites. Do you want to have high-quality content-based marketing? If so, you have made the right choice. We issue corporate periodicals and newsletters. We specialize in architecture, design, and real estate market. Do you seek customized training? No problem – we are prepared.

Where we are great

We have experience in local marketing as well as campaigning all over Europe. We have good professional skills, as well as the experience and energy it takes. We are a team of people who really enjoy their job.
We take pride in forming long-lasting relationships: more than 60% of clients have been cooperating with us for over three years. We care about the quality of our work: more than 90% of our clients gave us recommending references. We are open-minded and informal, because such is our lifestyle.


We collaborate with our clients from the initial phase of the project, i.e., from creating the general concept to its realization using consensual instruments in the area of conceptual, press-related activities, as well as the area of communication instruments on the web.  Moreover, we ensure outsourcing of the entire marketing division. We are specialists in online corporate periodicals and copywriting.

Our services

Field of specialty

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Developer projects
  • Machine engineering
  • Corporate ICT